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Kadence LLC is a lifestyle branding firm. We serve as a conduit that assists individuals and groups on their personal journey. We are focused on inspiring individuals to identify their passion and talents, and then we aid in implementing those qualities into their daily lives.


Our mission is to provide services that will inspire motivated and passionate people to live in their purpose. We do this through connecting your personal engagement and authentic business practices. Our  values are centered in flexibility, creativity, purpose  and passion.


Through workshops and coaching sessions we help both individuals and businesses to move ahead with confidence, balance and fulfillment. Our goal is to work with you on making your life’s personal journey successful and purposeful.




  • Boys and Girls Club of America

  • NYC Human Resources Administration

  • NYC Administration for Children's Services

  • Bronx Works

  • Delta Rho Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice

  • Berkeley College

  • The Lopez Effect

  • Brooklyn District Attorney's Office

  • Yvonne McCullough Foundation

  • Young Enterprising Sisters

  • Jack and Jill, Nassau County

  • Jack and Jill, Brooklyn

  • Mount Lebanon Baptist Church

  • Someone’s Daughter, Inc.

  • Shaun J. Lee Ministries

Kadence LLC was started in the living room of Karen H. St. Hilaire’s apartment in 2003. Surrounded by friends enraptured in an episode of Dr. Phil, Karen and her guests dissected the show armed with the manuscript and VHS.


What started out as a spontaneous moment turned into a quarterly event where a small group of us would gather to relax, build, and be transparent with one another. These “tea parties” would set the stage for many of us to further develop strategies and ideas that we would implement in our personal and professional lives. Interestingly, most of the women would call or visit between sessions to talk and seek guidance and coaching to assist them through an issue. The tea parties eventually became workshops where I would help not just my friends, but all those who saw the need for competent, innovative, and practical ideas to further them along their life’s journey.


Because of these workshops I became a much sought after consultant to individuals employed by major financial institutions and the U.S. military. With over 10 years and counting of experience in the empowerment and development industry, I have been blessed to be able to continue to provide workshops in the areas of coaching, team building, personal development, mastermind groups and brand cultivations.


Kadence LLC is now a thriving consultancy with a stellar client list and a solid history.



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