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“I tend to be more of a ‘hands-on’ coach that stays for the long run. Once you engage with me, we build a relationship and I actually work on fostering that relationship" - Karen St. Hilaire

Karen's family has always said that she had an ear for listening without commentary. Today, we call this “coaching.” Karen finds that she is at her happiest when she's working with individuals and groups who are in search of finding their rhythm in their lives. She's here to make “YOU” happen. 

For the last decade and counting, Karen continues to function as a conduit of inspiration that assists individuals on their journey to marry their personal and professional passions. As the conductor, Karen curates a brand for each client that sits with her – acting as the life architect and coach but most importantly functioning as a friend and administer of “tough love.” She is committed to working with you to create a meaningful relationship where you feel heard, accepted, and understood.


Karen is a much sought after consultant to individuals employed by major financial institutions and the U.S. military. With over 10 years and counting of experience in the empowerment and development industry, she has been blessed to be able to continue to provide workshops in the areas of coaching, team building, personal development, mastermind groups and brand cultivations.


Karen St. Hilaire is now a thriving consultancy with a stellar client list and a solid history.


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Assuming the responsibility of leading each intricate section within her clients' orchestra, Karen is a strategic thinker, leader, and spiritual enthusiast. Following the sound of the symphony, Karen has forged a movement of positive reinforcement - what she refers to as a way of life.

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